Legendary Semmangudi Srinivasa R Iyer, along with his music, we bring to you his ever alive zeal and true bhakti.

Carnatic music’s pitāmaha

Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa R Iyer’s passion and true bhakti, which transports the listener beyond the worries of everyday life, has won him many generations of Carnatic music devotees. His vigor and vitality are the keys to his success.

This website is a tribute to Carnatic music’s pitāmaha (grandfather), and it includes a compilation of all of his performances that we believe can continue to inspire a new generation of musicians.

As early as the age of five, Semmangudi as he is known fondly, showed a knack for and interest in music and has unquestionably made this modest town famous all around the world.

Semmangudi had the opportunity to learn music with four exceptional musicians who were Thyagaraja’s direct disciples. 

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