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Wisdom brings with it clarity and knowledge action. The word Abhijaanaathi means ‘The One Who Knows’. Learning here is a journey guided by a Guru, a mentor who pays individual attention to each student and taps into the student’s inner reservoir of potential. Training the student in the critical and cross-functional skills needed to ace D365 Microsoft certifications.


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Our story

Abhijaanaathi was founded by CA K Vivekanandan B. Com., FCA who has that valuable combination of having worked both as a trainer as well as hands-on practical experience in the industry. He has rich experience of 25+ Years in Accounting, Taxation, Costing including 13+ years in the IT industry implementing various ERP Packages and Business Intelligence and Analytics.
He has conducted myriad training sessions for freshers in relevant domain areas and also been a Part-Time Lecturer in the Costing for B. Com Final Year students at reputed colleges in Chennai. His classes are quite popular and his students have fared well.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of the training experience at Abhijaanaathi is the student. Each student has a different way of relating to the curriculum and works along with the student’s strengths and weaknesses after in-depth analysis. This helps us strengthen the weak areas and better the strengths. Providing excellent results. We use a blend of modern technology and tools with time-tested methods too and these work.

We analyze every student’s uniqueness, strengths & weaknesses in order to provide apt guidance & training.

We use a blend of modern technology and tools with time-tested methods to help candidates learn with ease online.

A mentor who pays individual attention to students and taps into their inner reservoir of potential to ace D365 Exams.


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